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Thought-driven impact solutions for a better tomorrow

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 Catalyze capital and expertise to propel impact-oriented organisations to deliver stellar returns

Our focus is on the organization – which could be for-profit or not-for profit – which are solution oriented and are looking to deliver a product or service which improves the lives of people.  

For on organization we apply a range of ‘interventions’ – catalyzing the infusion of capital into such organizations and driving its use to the ‘most impactful’ uses is important. However, our scope is broader – helping to develop and clarify strategy, translating this to outcome-focused execution, developing capacity and capability – are equally important areas because they fundamentally affect the quality and longevity of the ‘solution’.  


The success of our commitments is only as strong as the ethos of our organisation. The values that underpin CaHa Capital are integral to everything we do.

How We Deliver: Direct | Responsible | Accountable

How We Work: Collaborative | Analytical | Innovative

Who We Are: Authentic | Earnest | Empathetic | Respectful

CaHa Capital’s bedrock is organization and individual values – we wish to be Authentic and Earnest and want our interactions to be based on Empathy and Respect for others. As we work on engagements we aim to use a Collaborative style as we bring both Analytical rigor and Innovation to the solutions we develop and provide. When we deliver we do so Directly and like to be both Responsible and Accountable for the work we do.

While we do aim to embed these Values in our interactions and work, we do realise that there will always be room to improve and grow. In fact, we expect our clients and the wider community to be partners in helping us constantly move along the path to a wider and deeper understanding of our Values and translating them into Action.

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