An important part of our work it to help clients translate ‘high level’ objectives into strategies which are ready for execution. We employ our professional expertise, depth of experience and wide-ranging data repository to create strategies that have the best probability of delivering.

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Developing such strategies requires us to come at the goals from two angles – first, the wider, industry/society-level understanding of the issue, and, second, the ‘micro’ understanding of what individual organizations are experiencing on the ground. As we use this understanding to sharpen the strategy making choices (and deciding what not to do) is an important part of reaching the right strategic plan. Importantly, we apply the lens of practicality and do-ability through this process – to come up with a strategy which can be put into action.

We offer strategic advisory services in various areas – Financial, Operational, Growth, Market-entry, Turnaround, Change management, Portfolio management to name a few.  

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