Tech For Good

Good things take time and technology is a force that can speed up that process

Our interest in Tech-for-Good

At CaHa Capital, we believe that technology is a key driver of scale and impact. With the help of technology, we have witnessed first-hand, products and solutions becoming more accessible and affordable. Automation and robotics might have adversely impacted certain kinds of jobs in the past couple decades, but overall, technology has resulted in better access and affordability across products and services.

Our work areas in Tech-for-Good

  • Data and AI: Data and AI have accelerated innovation, and helped make products cheaper and better, hence improving quality of life for millions worldwide. While data and AI have a wide range of application, there is a significant positive impact in healthcare. From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, healthcare outcomes have seen rapid improvement. We believe there is continuing development and application of data and AI usage – we actively track developments in the space and support entrepreneurs who are using these tools to build and scale businesses.
  • Internet and Mobile Connectivity:  Internet and mobile connectivity has expanded the reach of private and public sector organisations and programs to remote areas and vulnerable populations. The applications of internet and mobile connectivity are endless, and a particular advantage is the enablement of social transfer models. For example, mobile payments have made large sections of society ‘bankable’ and, thanks to 4G, online learning is now possible even in remote areas that do not have access to WiFi networks. Pushing access to new customer segments using connectivity is a key focus of our work and, often, an important part of the ‘use of funds’ in our engagements.
  • Platforms: Platforms have helped reduce costs for consumers across essentials such as clothing, electricity, education, food and housing to name a few. By allowing consumers access to multiple buyers at once, platforms enable consumers to ‘switch’ to better options; platforms also allow sellers to access a larger consumer base, that leads to an increase in efficiency and a decrease in costs. In our work the development of new platforms and the leverage of existing ones is a key area of focus.

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