We want to drive the spread of innovations that improve the health of society

Our Interest in Healthcare

Healthcare is a critical need for everyone. However, health systems are broken for many in the developing world, especially low-income consumers. This forces them to often receive health-services from poorly qualified providers, with large time delays and with dubious quality of equipment and medicines. We work to change this unfortunate dynamic by driving innovations in the healthcare provision.

Our Work Areas in Healthcare

Our work in healthcare focuses on the following areas:

  • Primary Healthcare: Since primary healthcare is the starting point for most patients, we walk with entrepreneurs to get it right: access, time and quality. We do not work on the ‘medical solution’. Instead, we help to make the business/scale plan more robust and effective, help to build out the supporting structures (e.g., expansion team, medical quality team) and bring resources (financial and others) to fuel getting to more people in need with the solution.
  • Secondary/Tertiary healthcare: We believe that Secondary/Tertiary care, of the appropriate quality, is out of reach of many consumers. Our work focuses on business innovation which helps to widen the availability of such care – cost innovations which make such care more affordable, distribution structures which extend reach and the use of technology through the value chain. In all of these, we help make the business plan robust, build supporting structures and raise funds for business expansion.
  • Affordability and fund-availability: An important gap in the healthcare system is the lack of financing mechanism – insurance, the most obvious enabler, has very low penetration in countries like India. We work to help providers of financing options for patients (and payers – often not the same person) innovate on product and financial structure, test models in the field and find financial backers for both innovation and scale.

Technology-application to healthcare: We believe that the technology, used creatively, can be the ‘silver bullet’ which allows healthcare to reach each person who needs it. Therefore, we actively look for and work with organisations which are applying technology to help democratise healthcare.

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