Policy Makers

CaHa Capital recognizes the importance of an effective and easy-to-use policy environment for sustainable change.

With this in mind, CaHa Capital supports policy makers and influencers at each step on design and execution of policy to maximize impact and improve efficiency of delivery.

We recognize the importance of stakeholders through the process and aim to involve and carry them along in each step.

We follow a 5-step process accompanied with refining/revision as needed:

  1. Identify the Problem
  2. Benchmark and Best Practices
  3. Formulate Policy
  4. Implement Policy
  5. Evaluate Policy

* Please note that the steps above define a complete loop on policy change. CaHa Capital is also able to provide services related to one (or a select set) of the steps described above. For example, we are able to evaluate an existing policy vs. the desired effectiveness or impact benchmarks.

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