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We believe that inspired and empowered women play a powerful role in the upliftment of humanity

Our Interest in GENDER

Gender equity is an ongoing battle that has deep roots in the cultural and historical fabric of the world. Specifically, in low-income countries, girls and women continue to slip through the cracks of opportunity and empowerment. The bias restricts them from education and employment leading to unfair representation and even threatening their safety and health. Additionality, this severely restricts their contribution to a growing economy and the well-being of society. We work to eliminate the barriers that prevent girls and women from receiving their basic human rights and engaging in fair opportunities.

Our work areas in GENDER

  • Women’s Empowerment initiatives: We like to align ourselves with initiatives that bridge the gaps in equality through gender-focused programs that work to change the culture of bias. Women are side-lined from fair participation and representation in political, economic and social life. We provide support to policy makers and influencers that are working towards safety and equity of women’s rights, through their process of program design to execution. We commit ourselves to championing women’s rights through the policy environment, by taking into account all the stakeholders and evaluating the best practices that create sustainable change. We believe that securing sound policies paves the way for enforceable legislation that promotes gender equity and empowerment of women specifically.
  • Women’s Employment: Women in low-income economies lack access to land ownership, financial services and equal pay. We believe that marginalizing women undermines their human rights while also creating a breadth of untapped human potential. We look out for enterprises and programs that care about creating equal economic opportunity for women in all aspects.

Women’s Health: We believe that women’s reproductive health is a significant issue, given that low-income groups are faced with challenges of access and affordability. We feel strongly about putting an end to harmful practices, violence and exploitation against women and girls. We align ourselves with the companies and communities that seek to take action towards these goals.

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