CaHa Capital provides a full range of services to funds and fund-managers. We work with clients to define their vision, mission and core values. We consult with the leadership of businesses and funds and are committed to building strong partnerships that yield successful returns.

We support the funders by structuring, developing and executing their investment goals. This includes formulating the business plan, valuation, marketing and the whole gamut of investor processes. We assess the clients risk and identify the right asset classes (size of instrument, type of instrument etc) based on the clients investment goals. We execute strategy based on the objectives identified and filter through our extensive global networks of investors (equity and debt).

Our team continues to work on post-investment management of the portfolio, provides mentorship to the senior management and delivers periodic reporting until an exit at the appropriate stage is reached in the clients holding period.

We understand that funds have specific financial constraints and obligations. We endeavour to align ourselves with these objectives and to drive and deliver success.

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