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We are committed to sustainability and preserving the intrinsic value of a greenworld

Our Interest in Environment

The depletion of natural resources is a global crisis and cause of immediate concern. Primarily in countries with large populations, it is vital to infuse a culture of environmental awareness and activism. Some of the issues threatening the ecological balance are – global warming, pollution (air & water) and the loss of biodiversity. We work with innovators and foundations that are looking to reduce the carbon footprint, restore the balance in nature and promote the preservation of a green world for future generations.

Our Work Areas in Environment

Our work in environment focuses on the following areas:

  • Solar Energy: The benefits of harnessing solar energy are twofold – as it reduces the costs of energy and inevitably ensures a reduction in carbon footprint. We like to align ourselves with organisations looking to make this change on a large scale. We believe that at scale, good investments have the power to provide great returns while ensuring sustainable practices and a cleaner future.
  • Plastics: A large portion of land and ocean waste is comprised of plastics that are non-bio-degradable. Replacing single-use plastic products with zero waste alternatives can create large impact to the ecological footprint. We work with organisations manufacturing alternatives to plastic in the form of natural polymers of organic materials that are biodegradable. We also align ourselves with recycling initiatives and reuse projects.  
  • Sustainable Fashion: The fashion industry generates tons of waste in textiles and products every year. Most of this waste is not recycled and ends up unused and trashed. We work with organisations that foster the change to environmentally and socio-economically sustainable consumption of fashion products. We also align ourselves with organisations that ensure that best/fair practices are followed in employment of labour in the textile industry.
  • Clean Tech: Clean tech paves the way for the usage of natural and renewable resources in a big way. It has the power to reduce negative impacts on the environment while creating cost-effective products. We support investments in clean/green products and services – across sectors like energy & power, water & waste management, bio fuels and transportation.

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