We believe that educational equity has a multiplier effect that can transform the world

Our Interest in Education

Education is the single most important tool in equipping individuals with a foundation of knowledge, confidence and capability.  Every student counts and the ripple effect of a quality education is transformative both personally and societally. Unfortunately, marginalized groups are faced with the challenge of affordability and access to high quality education systems. We work to enable the best practices, innovation, technology and creativity that make the provision of education more equitable.

Our Work Areas in Education

Our work in education focuses on the following areas:

  • Schools & Institutions: We recognize the importance of core and supplementary segments of education delivered through schools and institutions. To keep up with the changing times, they are constantly looking to upgrade their education and training landscape. This could be through physical infrastructure, learning systems or workforce. We are able to assist in these processes by building a scalable business plan, connecting with the right partners and bring resources to the table.
  • Ed Tech: E-learning is a future solution that lends itself to all disciplines and practices. The base-of-the-pyramid is often the place that requires the implementation of successful e-learning platforms and technology is the biggest enabling solution. Our work is focused on scaling such innovations in ed-tech that are able to create a foundation for appropriate and accessible use of technology.
  • Education Product and Content: There is no ceiling for creative solutions in education. This entails a continuously evolving set of content, tools and resources that ensure effective delivery of knowledge and learning. We work with various stakeholders in this arena – education content suppliers, platforms and customers – to create and implement strategies that improve learning outcomes for students.
  • Affordability and fund availability: Affordability is a key issue for quality education to deeply penetrate. We, at the consumer level, support enterprises which are looking to reduce the ‘ticket’ for consumers – by, for example providing financing mechanisms (particularly important in skill development for young adults). Fund availability is also important for tech-platforms in education which reduce the cost to consumer by eliminating physical infrastructure, transport and physical materials.

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