We are committed to sustainability and preserving the intrinsic value of a greenworld Our Interest in Environment The depletion of natural resources is a global crisis and cause of immediate concern. Primarily in countries with large populations, it is vital to infuse a culture of environmental awareness and activism. Some of the issues threatening the […]


We believe that educational equity has a multiplier effect that can transform the world Our Interest in Education Education is the single most important tool in equipping individuals with a foundation of knowledge, confidence and capability. ¬†Every student counts and the ripple effect of a quality education is transformative both personally and societally. Unfortunately, marginalized […]


We want to drive the spread of innovations that improve the health of society Our Interest in Healthcare Healthcare is a critical need for everyone. However, health systems are broken for many in the developing world, especially low-income consumers. This forces them to often receive health-services from poorly qualified providers, with large time delays and […]


We believe that inspired and empowered women play a powerful role in the upliftment of humanity Our Interest in GENDER Gender equity is an ongoing battle that has deep roots in the cultural and historical fabric of the world. Specifically, in low-income countries, girls and women continue to slip through the cracks of opportunity and […]

Tech For Good

Good things take time and technology is a force that can speed up that process Our interest in Tech-for-Good At CaHa Capital, we believe that technology is a key driver of scale and impact. With the help of technology, we have witnessed first-hand, products and solutions becoming more accessible and affordable. Automation and robotics might […]

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