CaHa Capital works with foundations to apply resources with a sharp focus on achieving impact outcomes. We work with private and philanthropic foundations to leverage resources and create social change around the world. This includes understanding sectors and geographies, designing programs, finding partners and applying resources for achievement of outcomes.

We support foundations in achieving their impact goals by understanding their motivations and customizing a strategy for the right use of their funds. We find that the right fit can lead to the creation of successful partnerships and collaborative processes that work towards the same goal. We work through the programs mission with a thorough process of sourcing, screening, selecting and funding the most appropriate organisations.

Our team continues to engage with the foundation post the execution of the program by keeping track and evaluating the strategic initiative to ensure that the goals are met and monitoring and reporting the findings.

We understand that foundations are committed to creating positive change around the world. We take pride in aligning ourselves with that commitment and assist them in strengthening their impact strategies.

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