CaHa Capital provides a full range of services to companies looking to raise funds or prepare for the process. We work with companies to define their vision, mission and core values. We create a comprehensive action plan based on the funding needs and goals of the company.

We support the companies by structuring their objectives and engaging important resources that will lead to a successful fund raise. This includes developing a growth strategy by benchmarking and conducting thorough analysis. We find that a successful fund raise is predicated on good preparation. With a well-constructed funding strategy we are able to mobilize into funder outreach, funder diligence and deal execution.

Our team continues to provide post-funding support to the company and funders following the closure of a transaction. We are able to provide assistance on specific use of funds and help prepare the company for the next round of funding or the exit of specific investors.

We understand that companies present themselves at varying stages and will differ in their quests. We are flexible in our focus and approach, from helping start-ups position themselves to strengthening an already well-built legacy.

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