Leadership & Talent

CaHa Capital provides a suite of services which are aimed at building the capability base for superior performance of an organization. These are customized to the context – external and internal – of the organization and its ambitions.

We endeavour to develop a good understanding of the nosiness and its context and develop a strong rapport with the leadership to create meaningful mentorship engagements that will create long lasting effects. We focus on 4 areas of mentorship:

Talent Strategy

We believe that talent work needs to be deeply embedded and aligned with the business strategy and ambitions of on organization. To achieve a sound business plan, talent strategy needs to ‘lead’ the business strategy.

Leadership Development

The leadership group of any organisation feeds down to every level of the organisation. We focus our work on understanding capability gaps and lay emphasis on capability assessments and plans for this group. This includes training and workshops with existing teams as well as at the recruitment stage.

Talent Capacity Building

Talent-s systems need to be constantly evolving  to keep up with the changing landscape. We work in specifics areas like evaluation and red-design of talent systems, compensation benchmarking and design of eSOP programs (this list is expected to grow with time, largely driven by the needs of our clients and our own ability to add value in specific areas).

Training and Development

Defining a clear vision, mission and value system is intrinsically linked to business strategy and often valuable to organizations which are at an early stage in their evolution, looking to make a pivot or move from one stage of evolution to the next. We then delve into the provision of training in areas like Business and Financial Strategy, Investment Management and Communication.

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