Is social media messing with our minds?

Social media was created to provide a platform for users to have social interactions and form ‘meaningful’ connections online with people we couldn’t meet. As we moved from computers to laptops to our smartphones, our physical and digital relationships became intertwined as social media became a pervasive part of our lives, following us in our […]

NPAs in the Indian Banking Sector

Non-performing assets or NPAs have been an ongoing problem in the Indian banking sector for the past few years. So much so, that finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman submitted a blueprint for setting up the National Asset Reconstruction Company Limited (NARCL) during budget 2021 with the aim of cleaning up bad loans in the public banking sector. NARCL […]

Gig economy – boon or bane?

Sustainable, inclusive growth and productive employment are about more than just employment Deborah Greenfield, Deputy Director-General for Policy at International Labour Organisation (ILO) Last week, I came across a story of a Zomato delivery worker who refused to get medical treatment after an unfortunate collision. When people nearby tried to call ambulance services, the worker […]

Technology – Making it work for us

The Two sides of Tech There is a debate raging in my mind – should I buy the iPhone13? On the one hand, my old phone works perfectly well and constantly discarding ‘well working’ things for the ‘shiny, new’ one seems wasteful – for me and the planet. On the other, I don’t want to […]

Grad School Mom

When I recently won the Mrs. India Universe 2021 title, several people asked me if this was the hardest thing I had ever done. The answer is No! The hardest thing I’ve done is navigating four years of graduate school as a mom – first as a single mother to my then three-year-old daughter, Leia […]

Plastic, plastic everywhere, is not going anywhere

The invention of synthetic plastic can be considered as one of the most important human inventions. It is a major component in almost everything that makes our modern lives so – it has changed the way we package and consume our food, transformed modern medicine and made possible the invention of computers, mobile phones and […]

Entrepreneurs needing investment — Waiting for Superwo/man?

As part my work I have speak with a number of promoters who are looking to raise funds for their companies. Two stand out. Both of them have credible businesses which are getting good traction — both are cash-flow positive (!) — in exciting sectors which have the, proverbial, tail-winds. In each case there have […]

Are stimulus and relief packages fair and equal?

In the past year Sensex has recovered nicely from its pandemic lows and already crossed a record high of 60K. Nifty also seems to be heading towards a milestone 20K. In May 2020, the government announced a fiscal stimulus package of INR 20 trillion (~ 10 % of the GDP) to battle the pandemic. Surely, […]

Digitising Impact Measurement – a longshot or well within reach?

The future is undeniably digital. While technology continues to be disruptive and change at an alarming rate, I wonder how the incidence of its social impact will fare. There is of course a flipside to disruptive technology in terms of a disruptive environmental cost to the earth. The ecological footprint of corporatocracy is increasing and with that awareness, so are the expectations from an ever increasing set of […]

Why I (really, really) Like SMEs

The SME sector is all over the news – often cited in statistics showcasing their ability to contribute to India’s development. However, when it comes to funding for SME’s they are deemed by investors to be “too small, too early, too risky”. The appeal of SME’s is unique – they solve very specific problems, they also have the agility to pivot and re-invent themselves and their stakeholder focus is deep.

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